Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Update

As weather starts to get too hot to climb in the Boise area, we all start searching for havens of shade, cool temps and good rock. Some head to the Sawtooths in search of great boulders, walls and cold refreshing beverages at the Redfish Lake lodge. Others head north, into the Seven Devils looking for more limestone. This year, we have been heading up to Riggins to climb on the great sport routes there. The limestone is steep and lends itself to powerful, long moves on good holds. Kinda like climbing on The Wave, but for 90 feet instead...PUMPY!

 Here on the homefront, summer camps are going well, we have had a lot of fun so far! Last week a 9 year old did her age in pullups!
This little girl won the pullup contest, the dead hang contest and the lock-off contest! Man I wish I was that strong! We also host kids from day camps all summer, one that we have been working with for a long time is Gem State Gymnastics. They usually bring a large group of kids in from their day camps in the summer to introduce them to rock climbing. They get to play some of the games that the summer camps play when they are here for the week!
This month, we are also hosting the Seven Deadly Sends Bouldering Competition! In the spirit of Friday the 13th, when the comp is being held, the theme is all about zombies, skull holds and superstition! You can get more info or register here

Hope to see you there, and check back towards the end of the summer for a "Summer Camp Highlight Reel", and a cool promo video of the climbing team!


 The Front

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Updates

Over the past year and some, Idaho Public Television has been packing camera equipment into some of the most remote climbing areas in Idaho, as well as local Boise areas to present a fascinating "Climbing Idaho" segment on Outdoor Idaho. This week, I got an email from the producer who shared a link with me that you all should check out! The preview that includes 3 of our members climbing, Brad Brooks, Nicole Brown and Kaiya Bockino. They are featured in different areas of Idaho, and some footage of the Front

In other and incredibly exciting news, another of Boise's strongest has finished the 3rd ascent of Warpath at Castle Rocks. Matt Fultz topped out the boulder at around 7am on Sunday morning, giving him his first V14 send. He has an excellent writeup about the process that he went through over the last year of effort on the problem here at climbidaho Congrats to Matt, and good job in the video guys!

We are hosting the first ever 7 Deadly Sends Bouldering competition here on Friday, July 13th at 6 pm. Preregister and save a bunch of $$$. You can do so HERE Hope to see you all soon, and Happy Climbing!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Beginnings

In an effort to bring more climbing media to you on a weekly basis, we are making this the official blog for the Boise Front! Facebook is a great way to update you on things happening around the gym, but there just isn't enough room to add all the photos and video that we want! Being able to keep y'all posted on what we are up to, bringing you tales of team trips to Riggins and the Sawtooths, and posting higher quality video and photos is what this will be all about. Each week, you will be able to find things that we think are cool, or important things to know about that are happening in Boise, and all over the world! You can also check up on things happening at our family of gyms, by clicking on the link at the sidebar for the Front SLC or Front Ogden! Keep checking in! For now, here is a little teaser of some Boise area climbers bouldering in the Sawtooths--from our friends at

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ABS Season

Yay! ABS season is upon us! The first team practice is today, and the coaches and the athletes are super psyched to start training and making better, stronger climbers. This season we are attending comps from Bozeman to Bend, Oregon.

The coaches have put together a 6 week program that is going to maximize the gains quickly and to prepare the climbers for the first comp of the season on October 1st in Bend, Oregon! We will be working hard and pushing everyone to excel in the first few weeks of practice so be ready and GET PSYCHED!!

A little photo of a campus board, something that climbers know and love!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reynolds Creek!

The team made a day trip out to Reynolds Creek to go bouldering earlier this spring, and since then I had been unable to find the photos from that. After an extensive amount of cleaning of the 'ol computer, I stumbled upon them in a very inaccurately named folder.

There were more, but these are the best ones that I could find!

Kevin Townsely on Humping the Lorax

Adam Chitwood groping for sunny slopers

Preston and Kevin wanted to know what it was like to be twinsies

Impeccable spotting technique: elbows locked, knees locked, all the weight on the heels.

Around the World...hope that loose flake doesn't decide to remove itself today

Coach Kaiya crushes Cosmic Squirrel as the team looks on

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summertime Team Practices

Wow, we are over halfway through the summer and the team has been killing it with their workouts! We switched to two days a week for the summer so that we could have practice for longer before and after workouts...which means that Mike and Kaiya made longer, harder workouts!

Mike brought "Steven Jeffrey" home from Riggins two weekends ago and now we are doing our ab circle and seatbelts with a chunk of granite instead of an exercise ball. How fun. Most of the summer has consisted of hard workouts once a week and more climbing the other day, once a month we have a mini-comp at the gym to keep the kids in the swing of things.

Once more of the team bio forms get sent back I will update that section with photos and some fun facts about the team members! For now, here is a sample workout that the kids did on Monday July 11.

2 rounds, 30 second intervals of each exercise with 0 rest breaks until the end of a circuit

at the end of each circuit there is a 1 minute rest period

Circuit 1

lock offs
tricep pushdowns

Circuit 2

crimp hangs
campus 2-4
sloper hangs
weight rope

Circuit 3

plank on ball
seatbelts with SJ
incline situps
leg raises to sides
back extensions on ball

Circuit 4

Quick Lunges

This workout takes about 40 minutes to complete, with adequate rest in between rounds. All of the kids that are consistently attending practice are making HUGE gains in strength and ability. We are looking forward to the start of the ABS Season, we are in a new region and psyched to head to Portland to hit the Circuit this fall!

More to come!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome to the Front Team Page!!!

Hey there everyone, welcome to the page of the plastic and stone crushing kids of the Front Boise Climbing Team!

Here you can find our athlete bios, photos from comps, outdoor trips and just about anything and everything from our practices to team info to sample workouts that we do on a weekly basis!

Check back we will be updating and posting once a week!